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County Fire FIghters Receive Metal of Valor

March 19, 2014

03/20/14 During Wednesday night’s Marshall County Fire meeting three area firefighters were recognized by the State Fire Marshall’s office. 

John M. Buckman III was on hand from the Fire Academy Training System to present Metals of Valor to

Jerry Roush and

Paul Stearns from the Argos Fire Department and to

Emery “Hap” Ferry from the Tippecanoe Fire Department. 

These firefighters and many others responded to a house fire on Thursday, September 27, 2012.  Buckman said, “The fire had control of the structure. There was fire coming out of several windows and several doors. They immediately deployed hose lines to begin trying to control the fire.”  As the three firemen tried to advance to the interior because a medic had told them someone may be inside the house.

 After trying the front and side doors using the hose line with no entrance possible.  The three went around the side of the house and through the window of the master bedroom observed a male subject.  Using a ladder they made entry into the house through the bedroom window.  The room was hot and smoky and by the time they the hand the man moving him toward the window the fire was beginning to engulf the master bedroom.  There were explosions going on around these firefighters from the TV and ammunition in the home. Reaching the window the occupant was placed on a backboard before the fire controlled the bedroom. 

Mr. Jason Oldham, the occupant saved by the three firefighters was at the ceremony last night to see the presentation of the Metal of Valor. 

The medallions, which are not given out very often are given out on behalf of Governor Pence and the State Fire Marshall, Jim Greeson.

Family members, friends and firefighters from around the county were on hand for the ceremony.  

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