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County working to open roads

July 1, 2014

Storm_DamageJuly1_County1Road crews around the county have been hard at work with Marshall County Highway Foreman Jason Peters saying that the worst of the damage centered around Tippecanoe on the county’s southeast corner.

“Tippecanoe got hit really hard,” said Peters. “That and the north side of the county around Quince and the Plymouth-LaPorte Trail. Interesting thing was that you got around Inwood and German Township there was relatively little damage at all.”County crews started at around 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday cleaning up the aftermath of the storms that ripped through the county overnight. Crews were out in full force by 4 a.m. on Tuesday.

Storm_DamageJuly1_County2One big problem for crews made it difficult to actually clean up from the storms damage.

“Obviously trees and power lines were the worst,” said Peters. “At last count we were around 60 trees down. Right now (at around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday) we still have 15 to 20 roads still closed.”

Downed power lines were the main obstacle to county crews as the day wore on.

Storm_DamageJuly1_County3“We will probably knock off for the day around 3 today, we’ve done about all we can do with the power lines still down and I don’t know we can justify keeping everybody on here just waiting for the power companies to finish their work,” said Peters. “We’ve talked with REMC today to see if maybe we can get together when this is over and come up with some plan of attack to keep everybody on the same page if something like this happens again.”