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DC Tech Moves Office to Downtown, Adds Customer Service Staff

June 19, 2014

DC TechDC Tech is pleased to announce a number of changes to their company. The wireless Internet provider recently opened a new office downtown at 310 North Michigan Street, Suite 100 to better serve their customers. The company has been providing internet service to hundreds of customers across the Marshall County area for several years.
Owner Dan Sammartano is working hard to improve the company’s network after a serious outage this past winter. A major problem with one of the company’s Internet providers caused the outage, which lasted several days. Sammartano stated, “I was up for days trying to get the network back up and running. We ended up moving our entire network over to another provider to solve the issue. I lost of lot of good customers when we went down. It was heartbreaking for me.”
Since the outage, Sammartano has been working on some major upgrades. He said, “We’re adding multiple redundancies to our network to improve overall stability and reliability.” He went on to say, “Creating a stable network means that we’ll have less downtime, fewer service calls and happier customers. My Internet customers are the core of my business and I want to do whatever I can to make them happy.”
In an effort to improve customer relations, Bob Barcus of Argos has joined DC Tech and is now handling the company’s customer service. He brings more than twenty years of hands-on experience with computers and more than a decade of customer service skills to the company. His team is poised to alter the way people think about the small business.
“My goal is to provide the best possible customer service I can deliver,” Barcus said. “I realize that customer satisfaction is important in any business and I’m dedicated to changing the perception many people may have about DC Tech.” He remarked, “People just love it when someone answers the phone!”
Now that the company has an experienced customer service staff ready to answer questions and handle customer issues, the future is definitely looking bright for this local business. “I’m confident that people will see a real difference in how we conduct business,” Sammartano said.
DC Tech is working with PIDCO to rebuild the fractured downtown wireless internet. The downtown network coverage area currently extends from Adams Street south to LaPorte Street. Sammartano walked through the entire area last week with his technicians examining the health of the downtown network. He commented, “It looks like a number of our wireless radios have mysteriously disappeared. We’re going to get some new equipment down here to fix these problems and eliminate the dead spots.”
“I’ve talked with several businesses about restoring the full network.” Sammartano continued, “They seem very receptive to our efforts and we’re moving ahead with our plans to open up the whole network to anyone who visits the downtown area. Our objective is to bring it back to life.”
DC Tech is also working with PIDCO to bring free Wi-Fi to the new River Park Square. “We’re excited to bring free Wi-Fi to the new park. It’s our way of giving back to the community,” Sammartano stated.
For more information about the services offered by DC Tech, please call their office at 574-914-0017 or visit their website at