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Donnelly: Veterans Deserve Better than this Bureaucratic Nightmare

May 30, 2014

Indianapolis, Ind.—Today, Senator Joe Donnelly released the following statement regarding Secretary Shinseki’s resignation and the ongoing VA scheduling scandal.


“Secretary Shinseki served our country honorably, and I thank him for his service.  It is time for a fresh pair of eyes on this calamity. Veterans deserve better than the bureaucratic nightmare they have faced in Phoenix and, from what we are learning, in other facilities.


“His resignation alone will not solve this problem, because this isn’t just about one man—it is about a culture change. We need to hold accountable those who were carrying out or encouraging these practices day to day, and we must ensure that the VA health system provides the responsiveness and quality care our veterans deserve. It’s clear that the current scheduling system is woefully inadequate and allows for those who want to game the system to disregard the standards we expect for those who have so honorably served our country.  We must not stop until the system is fixed.”