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Downtown Redevelopment Members Updated on River Park Square

January 8, 2014


  01/09/14  Members of the Downtown Revitalization Committee are looking for their next project.  Wednesday evening they were updated on their current project which is nearly complete, River Park Square.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said the lighted sign was installed and completed about two weeks ago.  He indicated work on the pavers at the entryway will have to wait until the weather breaks and once the weather is past the chance of freezing the fountain and water feature will be finished.

Revitalization member, and President of the Plymouth Park Board, Dave Morrow said they have had several requests to plant memorial trees at River Park Square.  Currently there is a fee required and the requestor must also pay for the tree.  He suggested working with Price’s Nursery on the proper tree selection and location.

Revitalization member Mark Gidley asked if the park had standards that were acceptable to plant, noting that they should not allow trees that would cause the roots of the tree to raise the concrete. 

Brent Martin, committee member suggested looking at the master plan for the downtown park and designating where trees will be planted in the next couple of phases. 

It was also suggested by George Schricker thought Martin that grassy mounds on the east side of the park would give kids a place to run and play.  The serpentine landscape feature would create a good boundary between phase 1 and phase 2 of River Park Square. 

They also discussed the possibility of purchasing a couple more homes surrounding the park with a FEMA grant.  The city has signed and sent back their acceptance.  They are currently waiting for hear back.