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Earth Day Knowledge Shared at Triton

Last week the Triton High School science group shared their knowledge about earth day with the sixth grade science students at Triton Elementary School.   Earth day posters were created and several are now on displayed in the high school.

Pictured are from left to right Alison Brown, Hannah Jennings, and Isabelle Yazel.


One Response to “ Earth Day Knowledge Shared at Triton ”

  1. Thor on May 6, 2014 at 12:56 pm

    I hope they taught them something about charlatans peddling fear about the state of the planet.

    During the original ED they told us the earth was entering a new man made ice age, that there would be no food, we’d have wars or attrition to drive down the burden on the planet and 60% of the population would be dead by the ’90′s if we didn’t do something NOW!

    They still can’t reliably tell us what the weather anywhere will be tomorrow but the ‘really smart people’ can predict what it will be in a decade for the whole planet…even though those predictions of a decade ago have proven to be wrong. But Al Gore is laughing all the way to the bank.

    Also, why do you think they chose Lenin’s birthday for ED? How else to get those pesky Americans to stop producing and celebrate Vladimir’s BD? Win win!