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Giant Blueberries to be Unveiled at Farmers’ Market Saturday

May 15, 2014

Late last year the rumors started going around town about giant blueberries popping up as art along the sidewalks in Plymouth.  A group has worked all winter to bring the 3 foot blueberries to the community selling a half of dozen of them so far. 

The first completed blueberries will be unveiled this Saturday, May 17th at the Farmers Market at 9:00 AM in the new River Park Square in downtown Plymouth.

These 3 ft. by 3 ft. fiberglass blueberries are artistic sculptures similar to the apples in Nappanee or the Elk in Elkhart.  They are purchased by businesses, clubs, organizations or families and then creatively painted with prior approval, not as an advertising sign but as a unique piece of art for citizens and visitors to enjoy. 

To date, six have been purchased at a cost of $1,395 each.  The Dairy Queen blueberry will be painted this summer.  

Heartland Artist Gallery and

United Way/Marshall County Community Foundation blueberries are completed and will be revealed Saturday while  the

Blueberry Festival’s blueberry is painted and waiting to get its seal coat and the blueberry purchased by  

Heiden Creative and Stillson Studio is currently being painted by  PHS students Olivia Coulter and Katie Bowling who are painting the “World of Opportunity” themed Blueberry!  The McDonald’s blueberry has been purchased but not painted yet.

The Blueberries in Marshall County Committee will be looking for you – let them know what you think of the ‘Art on the Streets’ of Plymouth, and Marshall County !!!