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Indiana State Police Unveil New Electronic Firearms Application Process

September 18, 2014

ISP_GunPermitThursday, the Indiana State Police unveiled a new electronic firearms application process that will be in effect beginning October 1st.

The new process will remove the “paper” application and after October 1st only electronic applications will be accepted. Firearms permits issued after October 1st will also be hard plastic, as opposed to the paper permit currently issued.

“The new electronic application is designed to streamline the application process for both the applicant and law enforcement officials” said Assistant Chief of Staff Major Mike White, Communication and Information Systems. “This system is designed to be user friendly and will make the process easier for all those involved.”

Persons already holding a firearms permit or those obtaining a firearms permit after October 1st will also be able to request a duplicate firearms license or request a change of address via the electronic version.

Firearms permits already issued and persons holding firearms permits will not be affected. Those persons will utilize the electronic version when their permit expires if they do not possess a lifetime permit.

For further information regarding the firearms permit process go to the Indiana State Police website at and click on the link “Firearms Licensing.”

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