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Isban Seeks Additional Funding for Boys & Girls Club from County Government

July 17, 2014

boys&girls clubHow much should the county government do for the Boys and Girls Club? Leonard Isban, founder of the club and Chairman of American Containers said, the $15,000 given by Marshall County, when divided over the 800 children, “isn’t very much per child.”
During Monday’s County Council meeting Isban made a plea for additional funding for the club. In existence for 19 years, Isban had been sole support for the organization for 12 to 13 years before they began various fundraising projects.
Isban said during his plea, “You can sit there and tell me, ‘We have no money,’ I’m sorry I don’t believe it. There is always money.” He indicated that the county has money in the Rainy Day fund and had money available for the Metronet project. He challenged the County Council to at-lease match the city’s donation of $25,000 and stated that Mayor Senter has pledged additional assistance.
Mr. Isban said the Metronet project was created to bring new jobs to the community but businesses are having trouble finding qualified employees for the workplace because so many can’t even show up every day to work. He said the Boys and Girls Club helps train kids to be responsible, organized and be able to accept discipline. Isban told the County Council, “You are missing the boat.”
Council members took his plea under consideration for the budget hearings that will be held in August.
Membership for the Boys and Girls Club is only $50 a year and no child is turned away if they can’t afford the fee. With an annual budget of $300,000 the fee paid by families covers very little and Isban said, Funding from the Boys and Girls Club of America is virtually nothing.”