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Isban Seeks Additional Funding for Boys & Girls Club

August 6, 2014

boys&girls clubLeonard Isban, founder of the Boys & Girls Club of Marshall County appeared before the Marshall County Commissioner Monday pleading for additional funding for the clubs in the county.
Isban said, “We operate a club here in Plymouth. We operate a club in Bremen and there is a club in Culver. Our goal in 2014 and certainly no later than early 2015 is to try and get a club in Bourbon.” He indicated that there are nearly 1,000 children involved in all the county Boys & Girls Clubs.
“Over the last five year,” Isban said, “You have been generous but you really have only raised the ante per child about $1.73.” He said he would like to see the county match the city. The city currently appropriates $25,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Marshall County. Isban said the city will be giving an increase next year but declined to mention how much. WTCA learned that Mayor Senter has proposed a $10,000 increase in the 2015 budget. The City Council will make the final decision in September on next year’s budget. Isban said, “If we got you on the same plain as them we would feel very fortunate and I think you would be spending money that was well spent.”
The county funds are split by the three clubs and the additional would be used to help establish a club in Bourbon with the help of Mrs. Burroughs the Triton superintendent.
Mr. Isban mentioned 6 or 7 million in the County’s Rainy Day fund that might be used to help the organization and “help keep these kids out of trouble.” He closed by saying, “The whole idea of the Boys and Girls club is to build character so we have good citizens.”
Isban appeared before the County Council last month requesting additional funding from county government too.

One Response to “ Isban Seeks Additional Funding for Boys & Girls Club ”

  1. sbmear on August 7, 2014 at 2:40 pm

    Maybe they should move Plymouths club out of the flood zoe. How much has ti costs them to replace ruined items when it floods? Seemed like a bad location to put it in the first place considering it floods to the building almost every year. and that was known when they put it there…