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Just Released from INDOT

January 24, 2014

  WinterWeatherUpdate: Difficult weather conditions continue to batter Indiana right now, and will continue through the weekend. And that will take its toll on the roads, despite our full call-out of crews plowing and salting and spraying chemical de-icers. Right now wind gusts of 40+ mph are sending plowed snow back onto the roads very quickly. The cold temperatures are then icing the roadways. Crews are dropping literally tons of salt and chemical de-icers but in these conditions roads are still remaining snow-covered and slick in a lot of areas. Snow from the next clipper system will spread from north to south tonight and through tomorrow, and then lake effect will take over tomorrow night. We could see anywhere from 2″ of snow to 6″, depending on how the lake effect pans out. The new snow is a danger, but the real concern is the combination of strong winds and bitterly cold temperatures. It’s extremely difficult for our crews to keep roads clear and not icy in these conditions. Salt and chemical de-icers get covered by piles of blowing snow very quickly and become less effective, or not at all. We’re continuing to battle out there, but you must slow down and drive carefully. And watch out for the other guy, who may very well be driving dangerously. This winter has already put Indiana drivers, first responders, and plow crews through some of the toughest conditions we’ve seen. But we’ll continue to work hard. Please be careful, folks.