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LJH Students & Staff to get new Apple MacBook Air Computers

April 3, 2014

Students and teachers at Lincoln Junior High will likely begin the new school year with new computers. The Plymouth School Board approved the lease of Apple MacBook Air computers at a cost of $141,940.   The newly leased computers will replace those that have been in service for approximately four years.  Since the Plymouth Schools now have a certified Apple technician, the lease cost has been reduced from $146,000.

Bruce Johnson, director of technology, told that School Board that they will be able to utilize approximately 50 computers in service from the original 580 that were leased previously.  After the meeting, Tyree said some of the 580 computers had been replaced due to damage. The Plymouth corporation can purchase all of the computers currently being used for $1.00, as per the original agreement.

Tyree said they made the decision, in part, to lease MacBook Air computers since they have no moving parts. Tyree indicated that the models in use now have upgrade limitations.

Students are allowed to take their designated computers home. Tyree said, “The students have been very careful, but they must take them on buses or other events that occasionally lead to problems.”

Although apple provides a buy-back service for computers that are leased, Tyree said, “We intend to obtain bids through re-sellers, a plan that is allowed within state laws.” Re-sellers purchase used equipment based on the condition of the computers.

The next regular School Board meeting is set for May 6.

A special meeting to name a new Board member will be held on April 29.

Carol Anders Correspondent

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One Response to “ LJH Students & Staff to get new Apple MacBook Air Computers ”

  1. Thor on April 4, 2014 at 7:28 am

    How about just going back to a computer lab where students can learn to use computers as they might in business? On something besides a MAC which is NOT used for business? Unless of course you expect every single student walking out of our schools is going to be an art major or graphics designer.

    Then, in the rest of the classes the students could be asked to think for themselves.

    In understand that this might terribly inconvenience some other (unionized) people though. So never mind, no amount of money could be too much to spend (waste) on trivial technology so long as it holds that annoying need to think about curriculum at bay.