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Local ABC Board Approves 2 Alcohol Permits with Violations

September 2, 2014

news_logoMembers of the Marshall County Alcoholic Beverage Commission met Tuesday morning in the County Building.

The Board approved the automatic renewal for the Plymouth Aldi Store.

The ABC board also heard the request of two local businesses for renewal after a violation.

Jim Vinall, owner of Opie’s Office in downtown Plymouth received an alcohol compliance check violation in February of this year and paid the $750 fine for the violation. He was at the September meeting of the local Alcohol Beverage Commission for his renewal. Due to a violation the business must present at the local meeting to discuss the violation.

Mr. Vinall said the bartender, Shane VanDyne failed to check an ID before serving alcohol to a customer. He said, “Sometimes they just get lax.” Since the violation the bartender has taken the mandated training and Vinall is conducting weekly meetings to review regulations. He said they have also implemented a card everyone policy.

The board granted Opie’s Office an alcohol permit renewal for one year. If they have no additional violations Vinall won’t have to appear at the local meeting next year.

The second violation was at Family Express on South Michigan Street in Plymouth. They had three tobacco sign violations on March 5th of this year.

Todd Etzler, general counsel for Family Express appear this month for the alcohol permit renewal. The store did not have the “No Smoking Within 8 Feet of the Door” sign, so signage at the point of sale and no “No Smoking Sign” inside the store.

Family Express paid the $150 fine and has placed the required signs at the store. Although this was a tobacco violation only the point of sale violation goes on the tobacco side while the other two sign violations were filed against the alcohol permit.

Family Express as granted a two year renewal.

The Marshall County ABC board said an issue with Speedway Gas continues to be tabled from the June meeting. Excise officer Michel Treber said this is a corporate wide issue that hasn’t been resolved yet. They will review it again during their October 7th meeting at 10 a.m.