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Local ladies create new dance

March 27, 2014


Photo Caption: Annette Ray leads a group of line-dancers in rehearsal at Miller’s Merry Manor. Front Row: (l-r) Betty Berkeypile, Jeanne Sullivan, Jennifer Sullivan, and Paula Kinney. Back Row: (l-r) Quentin Flagg, Sara Kauffman, Kathy Ambrose, and Melissa Muller.

FORT WAYNE - Melody Barker of Warsaw and Annette Ray of Bourbon recently attended the 2014 Ft. Wayne Dance For All. The sisters-in-law enjoy line-dancing and went with the thought in mind to simply have a fun time and learn some new dances. However, while there they entered a contest in which Barker created a new line-dance for a special song written the North Country Flyers Band our of Lansing, Mi.

After creating the dance, Barker taught it to Ray and the two gals performed it for the band. After watching all the dancers who entered the contest, the band chose Barker’s dance as the winner of the contest. The newly created dance will become known as “The Blue Water Country” line-dance. The dance was so named, because it will represent the NC Flyers original song of the same name.

Since winning the contest the gals have approximately a month to teach the new dance to a group of line dancers of their choosing who will then perform the dance in a “bar-like atmosphere” where it will be video-taped for You Tube.

Barker is working with her group in Warsaw while Ray began teaching her group in Plymouth last Sunday. Ray was looking for a venue with a tile floor where her group could rehearse.

Everyplace I looked was either carpeted or cost too much,” explained Ray. “Then I had this idea! I volunteer at Miller’s Senior Living Community on a regular basis and I knew the dining room in Miller’s Merry Manor has a tile floor. So I called the activity director April Cooper and asked if we could practice there. And she said ‘yes’. It has worked out perfectly.”

Ray pointed out that it has been a win-win situation. The line-dance group has a great place to rehearse and the residents at Miller’s enjoy watching them. Ray will welcome more dancers if anyone is interested. To learn more about the dance and rehearsals call Annette Ray at 574-220-8039.