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Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office Purchases Weight Scales for Local Police Departments

July 25, 2014

Dave and BridgettMarshall County Prosecuting Attorney David R. Holmes announced today his purchase of highly sensitive weight measuring scales for local police departments. Holmes purchased the instruments for the Argos, Bourbon, Culver, Plymouth, and Bremen police departments, and the Marshall County Undercover Narcotics Investigative Team. The Marshall County Sheriff’s Department and the Indiana State Police already had acquired the equipment.
Holmes explained, “The new changes in the drug laws effective July 1, make it far more important to have accurate readings on the weight of any illegal drugs confiscated. The legislature has made the weight of the substance an element of the crime and therefore we need to prove the weight in court.”
Holmes also emphasized the money used to purchase the scales came from the Pretrial Diversion Fund managed by his office and therefore no taxpayer money was used.
Pictured is Prosecutor Holmes handing over the new scales to Corporeal and Evidence Technician Bridget Hite of the Plymouth Police Department.