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Mayor Senter Unveils New City Logo

June 26, 2014

Plymouth Color Logo2014After Mayor Mark Senter cut the ribbon for the new River Park Square on Saturday, the crowd witnessed the unveiling of the city’s new logo. Led by the agencies, Heiden Creative and Insight Strategic Concepts, Inc., over the past five months, a group of city representatives and local volunteers worked to develop the logo. The group met several times and engaged over fifty members of the community through a series of focus groups, identifying Plymouth’s core values and the message to be conveyed in the logo.
The Six Core Values represented in Plymouth’s new logo are:
1. Sense of Community. Plymouth is a small city with a history and legacy. Its residents are generous, philanthropic, and willing to help others with compassion and acceptance of diversity.
2. Industry and Innovation. Plymouth’s workforce focuses on excellence, responsibility, progress, and growth. Our citizens have a strong work ethic and are employed in a wealth of smaller industries.
3. Infrastructure and Safety. Plymouth is a safe place, with convenient access to retail and commerce. The city lies at the crossroads of America with easy routes to larger cities.
4. Family and Friends. Plymouth’s citizens value their community as a great place to raise a family. The people are described as loving, caring, and joyful.
5. Education. The schools are respected for their curricula, extracurricular activities, and sports.
6. Parks and Trails. Plymouth’s investment in green space and parks is highly regarded and expanding.

Plymouth logoSenter said at the unveiling, “Now we have a new logo to promote our community. It has been a rewarding process and I truly appreciate everyone’s involvement.” “The tagline ‘Where community and possibility connect’ says a lot. From the people gathered today at this park, to the possibilities of the Metronet fiber-optic communications project, we now have under construction, great things are coming together in Plymouth,” the Mayor also stated.
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