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Meth House on 4th Street Won’t be Demolished if Work Continues

January 28, 2014


  01/29/14 Monday evening the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety conducted an unsafe building hearing for the home at 712 North Fourth Street. 

City Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds said he had been contacted by the Indiana State Police following a meth bust that had happened in the home in July of last year.    His inspection of the property found that the sewer was empting into the craw-space, there was no kitchen nor bathroom and no running water. 

Hammonds started the proceedings to condemn the property and going through the process learned that the actual owners of the home were deceased but family members had been occupants of the home.  Notice was send to Terry Graham of the city’s intentions to have the home demolished.  He and his attorney, Adam Lukenbill met with Hammonds and learned of the necessary improvements that needed to be made immediately and began the remodeling job. 

At Monday’s meeting Hammonds reported to the Board of Public Works he inspected the home that morning and found “great progress.”  He explained that the crawlspace had been dewatered, electric was redone and the kitchen and bathroom had working fixtures.  His recommendation was to give Mr. Graham an additional 30 days to continue with progress.  Because meth had been made in the home the city is requiring a State Certified Inspector do an inspection before anyone would be allowed to occupy the home again. 

City Attorney Sean Surrisi asked the Board of Works to modify the existing order and grant an additional 30 days for continued remediation. The board unanimously approved the modification.