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Methamphetamine Lab Left in Motel Room over Blueberry Weekend Nets a 10 Year Prison Sentence for Clerk

February 16, 2014

  02/17/14 Kimberlie Frazier, 34, with a most recent address in Bourbon, IN was sentenced on Thursday (February 13, 2014) in Marshall Superior Court 1 to ten years imprisonment for conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine, a Class B felony.  In open court, Frazier admitted she assisted David Garman in his manufacture of methamphetamine in a room at the Super 8 Motel on Oak Drive in Plymouth.    

Judge Robert O. Bowen approved an agreement reached between Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Nelson Chipman and defense attorney Derek Jones, which provided for a sentence at the Indiana Department of Corrections of 10 years of imprisonment on the charge of conspiracy to commit dealing in methamphetamine.  No part of the term of imprisonment was suspended.  The sentence included a recommendation of intense drug rehabilitation treatment through purposeful incarceration. 

The case began when the manager of the Super 8 Motel contacted Plymouth Police at 1:25 pm on September 2, 2013 reporting that a housekeeper began cleaning a room for the next guest and found what she believed to be parts of a methamphetamine lab.   Plymouth Police Officer John Weir responded to the call and confirmed the presence of items related to the manufacture of methamphetamine.  Also found were a few items of clothing and a cellular telephone.

Officers obtained a search warrant for the cellular phone and confirmed it belonged to David Garman.  It also revealed numerous texts to and from various people discussing in street vernacular the subject of meth, its manufacture, the need for precursors and its availability. 

The investigation led by Officer Weir revealed that Kimberlie Frazier was a new front desk employee of the motel and that she registered an individual into that particular room using the name of a frequent patron of the motel.  The regular manager of the motel then replayed for Officer Weir the video security tape of the front desk at the time the individual checked in.  Weir recognized the individual was David Garman, not the person whose name appeared on the registry.  The regular manager also confirmed the person that checked in was not the frequent patron that rents a room as he travels through the area.  The desk clerk at the time of the forged guest registry was Kimberlie Frazier.  Further video evidence showed that Frazier visited the room where the meth lab was found immediately after her shift ended. 

Based on the evidence acquired, warrants for the arrest of Frazier and Garman and a third individual were issued.  Frazier, who was previously subpoenaed to testify in the methamphetamine manufacturing jury trial of Travis Chizum, left the area.  Police continued to search for Frazier, and tracked her on the national data base as she frequently purchased pseudoephedrine based products at various pharmacies in the Ft. Wayne, Indiana area.  Eventually, Frazier was arrested and has been lodged in the Marshall County Jail since October 17, 2013.