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Musical Production Willy Wonka at Triton

May 14, 2014

Triton Junior-Senior High School presented the musical “Willy Wonka” on Saturday, May 10th, to the delight of the Triton Community.


Pictured (Wonka 3) is Willy Wonka (Brent Motz) warning the “golden ticket” winners about the choices they make.   Also pictured are:ticket winners: Violet (Lexee Miller), Veruca Salt (Lyda Scarberry), Mike Teavee (Junki Park) and Charlie (Brooklyn Bitting).


(In Picture Wonka 4): Violet turns into a blueberry for disregarding Willy Wonka’s rule. Pictured are Violet (Lexee Miller), Augustus Gloop ( Josh Taylor) and the Oompas ( JayMason Deaton