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NLC JV Tennis

May 13, 2014

Junior Varsity Northern Lakes Conference Tournament

Team scores: Warsaw 22, Plymouth 21, NorthWood 19, Concord 10, Northridge 8, Elkhart Memorial 7, Goshen 5, Wawasee 3

on Saturday

Results: #1S First Round: Ashley Harrell (PLY) beat Kaitlyn Swihart (NW) 8-4 Semi-Finals: Ashley Harrell (PLY) beat Michaela Bontrager (NR) 8-5 Finals: Mattie Doran (WAR) beat Ashley Harrell (PLY) 8-5

#2S First Round: Hailey Raines (PLY) beat Alyson Leedy (EM) 8-1Semi-Finals: Sydney Hartman (WAR) beat Hailey Raines (PLY) 8-7 (7-1) Third Place: Hailey Raines (PLY) beat Allison Murphy (CON) 8-5

#3S First Round: Shelby Roberts (WAR) beat Kennedy Harless (PLY) 8-3 Semi-Finals: Kennedy Harless (PLY) beat Gretchen Bontrager (GOS) 8-2 Fifth Place: Kennedy Harless (PLY) beat Megan Farmer (EM) 8-1

#1D First Round: Mikayla Haenes-Kendall Dreibelbis (PLY) beat Mackenzie Kauffman-Vanessa Raber (NR) 8-1Semi-Finals: Mikayla Haenes-Kendall Dreibelbis (PLY) beat Cali Cunningham-Katie Slabach (CON) 8-4 Finals: Mikayla Haenes-Kendall Dreibelbis (PLY) beat Mikayla Brey-Jama Rice (NW) 8-3

#2DFirst Round: Alli Rust-Emily Gadziola (PLY) beat Madison Cooper-Paige Miller (WAW) 8-0Semi-Finals: Alli Rust-Emily Gadziola (PLY) beat Makennzie Williams-Courtney Ianello (EM) 8-1 Finals: Alli Rust-Emily Gadziola (PLY) beat Greer Smith-Jenn Katris (WAR) 8-7 (7-0)

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