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Pit Bull on the Loose Injured in Shooting by City Officer

June 2, 2014

Plymouth Police officer Bob DeLee shot a dog three times on Friday afternoon after the animal charged at him twice. 

About 12:55 Friday afternoon the Plymouth Police Department got a call in reference to a loose dog in the 600 block of Randolph Street. 

Officer DeLee spoke with the complainant who said he had to use his lawnmower to keep the dog away from him.    

The dog, a pit-bull was located and returned home but while waiting for either the resident to return or for the Human Society to respond the dog became aggressive and started growling and showing its teeth and did charge at the officer.  Officer DeLee shot the dog twice and it retreated but after a brief pause, it charged at the officer a second time and that resulted in a third shot.

Officer DeLee followed the dog around the house to maintain the safety of all who were arriving on the scene. 

A representative from the Humane Society assisted in loading the dog into a vehicle to be transported to the vet for treatment.

The male pit-bull, Max was seriously injured in the incident.  His owner, Tiffany Hopkins claims he is not vicious and that the officer over reacted. 

Max was shot in the jaw and twice in the shoulder area.  He was taken to Seven Oaks Veterinary Clinic on Friday and treated but had to be sent home because the family did not have the funds to pay for a needed surgery. 

This is not the first time this dog has been on the loose.  He was picked up by the Marshall County Humane Society on May 24th and released on the 28th, a day before the incident.  The Humane society said they had received several calls the week prior to picking him up about the dog running at large.  They also commented that he was not aggressive towards them but they did notice that he didn’t seem to like men. 

When the pit bull was released to his owner they were warned about placing the dog back in the same situation where it was allowed to get lose from.  The Humana Society warned the owners of their responsibility to keep the dog confined to the yard and not doing so could result in bigger issues.

A trip back to the vet on Monday determined the surgery needed and the family needs to raise $500 to put down on the surgery and they are accepting donation.  So far $225 has been raised but they need more.  You can donate on line at

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4 Responses to “ Pit Bull on the Loose Injured in Shooting by City Officer ”

  1. Andrew on June 5, 2014 at 6:23 am

    Looks like LOLSmileyface isn’t really smiling or LOL’in here.

    True Pit Bulls have been on the front page a lot. However owners have to also be responsible in how they manage their animal. I would think today that Neutering your pet would be an automatic thing unless there was plans to breed the animal.

    As to danger well not only Pit Bulls. I had a neighbor lady’s Spitz take a few chunks out of my leg (6 stitches) because I tried to help her when she fell and the dog thought I was attacking. It isn’t hard to cross the line between nice fluffy and teeth machine as Thor pointed out. What exactly triggers that depends on the animal. Apparently the dog doesn’t like men for whatever reason. What ever the case, the dog was not where it should have been. That’s owner responsibility. People can sing and dance about the poor pit bull, but at the end of the day it’s pretty cut and dry what went wrong here. One time is an accident, twice is a bit of a stretch, although there are resourceful dogs out there.

    I hate to see people get down on the Police. They are there in the public interest. When an officer is appointed we put our trust in them to exercise good judgement of what is in the public interest. I have had chance on a few occasions to met a few of the officers and was very impressed about their attitude. I think Plymouth should be proud of their force because I am not aware of any real bad apples in the bunch.

    Before people complain about the Police, think about who you are going to call when somebody is breaking into your house or stealing your car. You can’t have it both ways.

  2. LolSmileyFace102 on June 3, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    I know Tiffany , and I’m pretty sure that Max is not aggressive towards anyone. And if he was , then Officer DeLee HAD TO BE MESSING WITH HIM. Period point blank . I’m tired of people misjudging pitbulls. All my life I’ve grew up with pitbulls and its how you raise them. If you beat them or ect , then ya MAYBE! they will be aggressive . Honestly in my opinion Officer Delee was having a bad day and felt the need to make something happen so that he could get his little week of “FAME”. I dont like Plymouth Police AT ALL! Not just because of this but for multiple reasons. But what im trying to say is DONT JUDGE A ANIMAL BEFORE YOU GET TO KNOW THEM.! thats not right not at all.! Im very angry bout this situation . WHY!? Because for one like i said people misjudge animals (esp. Pitbulls). it depends on how they were brought up. Pitbulls are very protective I know this for a fact. my sisters dog is a blue nose pitbull and is VERY VERY protective of my daughter. So people PLEASE DONT MISJUDGE PITBULLS. AND PLEASEEEEEE DONT DOGG ON TIFFANY its not her fault that Officer Delee is dumb.! and very selfish.! and ignorant.!!!!!!

  3. Thor on June 2, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    Yes, the irresponsible owners are to blame. Any dog left on it’s own may be ‘fluffy’ to it’s owners but a teeth machine to strangers. The fact that it has happened before indicates that if they get the dog fixed it will happen again.

    The owners should be fined for endangerment. What if fluffy the teeth machine had come on an adolescent riding a bike or a woman pushing a stroller and attacked them? They weren’t around to stop it…I’m sure they’d blame the victims for taunting the dog.

    BTW, three for three hits on a small moving target is not bad Officer DeLee.

  4. whatscomeofsociety on June 2, 2014 at 7:42 pm

    Not surprised that people are blaming Officer Delee for shooting the dog. But, really? What would you do if it was charging at you and you had the ability to stop it with deadly force? The owners themselves are to blame not the dog nor the officer. Next time double tap)