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Plymouth School Board Combines Transportation & Maintenance Departments to Save $8,000

June 4, 2014


The Plymouth School Board voted unanimously to reorganize the Transportation and Maintenance Departments for the corporation. According to Superintendent Daniel Tyree combining the two departments under one Director of Operations saves the school corporation some $8,000 per year. The current Director of Transportation, Rick Scott, will be retiring at the end of the school year.

Tyree told the Board that they will appoint two assistant directors and a receptionist. One of the bus drivers on staff will continue his routes and will then train drivers for approximately four hours per day.

Responding, in part, to Indiana State initiative to provide educational opportunities for younger children, the Plymouth Schools are seeking ways to offer additional pre-school classes. When and if funding becomes available for two added pre-school classes, they will be housed at Jefferson Elementary. Michele Riise, director of quality programs, said the funding could come from Title I and Title III. She said the classes being considered would be for four-year-olds who are considered at-risk. Title I grant funding is designted for reading and Title III Grants are for ENL and migrant students.

Riise said if the programs are funded, there would be two half-day sessions with between 12 and 18 students per session. According to Riise, school corporations are usually notified of Title I grants by June of each year.

She also indicated that they have not selected the screening criteria process for enrollment as yet or identified potential teachers.

Carol Anders Correspondent