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Redevelopment Commission Accepts Substancial Completion of River Park Square

May 22, 2014

This week members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission dedicated the Pine Water Plant improvements to the City Water Department and the Pioneer Lift Station to the City Sewer Department.  These improvements were paid for with TIF funds and accepted by the Redevelopment Commission.  To make a clear transition to the city Tuesday evening they dedicated the improvements to the city.

Mike Reese from the Troyer Group updated members of the commission on the River Park Square Project.  A punch list with approximately 50 items on it is currently being worked on by contractor Michiana Contracting. It’s anticipated that work will be completed in a couple of weeks. 

Some of the issues include drainage problems where the grading was too high causing water to stand on the sidewalks.  There is also a corner of the pergola that sits low allowing water to puddle.    

An electrical issue developed with some circuits not working in the receptacles on the light poles because fuses had blown. Commissioner member Billy Ellinger suggested looking at the agreement to see if extra fuses were to be provided by the contractor.  If not, it was recommended that Park Superintendent Mike Hite be informed of the types of fuses needed to have on hand to avoid additional problems. 

An artesian well east of the parking lot has cause a small puddle of water to develop in the grassy area.  Utility Superintendent Donny Davidson said they would cap it and the problem would be fixes.

There is a crack in the pipe to the Farmers’ Market Fountain that was being worked on this week and the blue handicap striping was to be replaced. 

Members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission accepted the substantial completion form allowing the utilities to be transferred to the city.