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Redevelopment Commission Updated on Metronet Conduit Instillation

June 19, 2014

Metronet_Zing Logo_small06/19/14 Although he was not able to attend Tuesday’s Redevelopment Commission meeting, Brent Martin presented a written status report to members on the Metronet Project

Michiana Contracting mobilized and began construction of the city’s portion of the project on June 10. Work began at the northern end of the project on Michigan Street in front of the airport and then proceeded south to Hoham Drive. They are now installing conduit along Hoham Drive.

To date, the contractor has not run into any construction issues that may result in a change order.

Over the next few weeks, Michiana Contracting will be installing conduit from the corner of Hoham and Oak Drive, heading south to PIDCO Drive and then extending conduit west on PIDCO Drive to Hoosier Tire. Installation of the conduit will continue south on Oak Drive to Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center on State Road 17.

Michiana Contracting will sub-contract the portion of work that begins at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and then heads east to Michigan Street. That project will then head north on Michigan Street through the downtown area of Plymouth and including the conduit to the Water Treatment Plant on Ledyard.

While the project began well after the notice to proceed, based on the construction plan presented by Michiana Contracting, the project should be completed on schedule. Completion date is October 10th.

Martin commented, “In general, the progress is good and in the next two to three weeks there will be three boring crews at work on the project under Michiana’s direction.” His report closed with this, “We are on site daily to monitor progress and to collect as built information. To date, that process is going well.”

Related to the Metronet project, City Attorney Surrisi presented a resolution for the Redevelopment Commission to consider. The resolution would authorize the City Engineer, Rick Gaul to approve minor change orders without waiting for board approval as a way to keep the project moving forward. The resolution allows for change orders which are needed due to changes in conditions and not errors or omissions and can total up to $5,000 between meetings. Gaul also asked for one board member to be his point of contact for discussion on the smaller change orders, just so there would be no surprises at the next meeting. President Dan Tyree will serve as that contact person.

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