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“Scratches, Skips & all that Jazz: 78 RPM Record Collecting”

July 30, 2014

Marshall County Museum_front viewMarshall County Museum welcomes Jack Garrison to the next Brown Bag Lunch Event on Friday, August 8 from 12-1, celebrating the grand reopening of the museum’s Entertainment Room, with his presentation entitled, “Phonographs and Memories; Scratches, Skips and all that Jazz: 78 RPM Record Collecting.” The Indiana University student’s passion for phonographs and vintage music was sparked by the interests of his family. His mom, an antique store owner, coupled with his dad’s love of music, helped inspire his enthusiasm for history and music. The former PHS graduate credits his grandfather for introducing him to the movie, “The Glenn Miller Story,” at the perfect time that lead him to playing trombone in the 6th grade band and ignited his fire for jazz music, in particular.
He was first intrigued by the big band music of the 1930s and 40s, but eventually got hooked on a “new,” what he considered, “more orchestral” jazz of the 1920s. Not only does Jack enjoy this genre of music, but he is enthusiastic about finding the “hot jazz” music of the 1920 in its original form, the 78 PRM record. His collection of 78 RPM records has now grown in numbers to over 800!
During the Brown Bag Lunch, Jack will demonstrate the evolution and development of “record players” from the early days of the Edison phonograph, recorded on a wax cylinder, to a modern-day electric record player stereo system. The IU history major has spent a good part of his summer renovating the museum’s display of phonographs and music in the Entertainment Room. Enjoy the sounds and history of the phonograph along with part of Jack Garrison’s own musical collection during the grand reopening of the Entertainment Room on Friday, August 8 from 12-1 at the Marshall County Museum, 123 N. Michigan St., in downtown Plymouth.