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Time-Line for Friday’s Loose Dog Call that Resulted in a Shooting

June 4, 2014

When asked about written protocol for handling vicious dogs Plymouth Police Chief Dave Bacon says the Use of Force Policy for his department states, “A police officer may also discharge his weapon under the following circumstances – To destroy an animal that represents a threat to public safety or as a humanitarian measure where the animal is seriously injured.”

Last Friday afternoon the Plymouth Police Department received a call at 12:55 from Scott Sampson in reference to the pit bull from 601 Randolph Street running loose in the parking lot on the west side of Randolph Street.  Officer Steve DeLee was dispatched to the situation and Officer Bob DeLee advised over the radio that the dog was aggressive. At 1 p.m. Officer Bob DeLee was in the area and at 1:07 Plymouth Dispatch called the Humane Society and they said they would contact the key holder and if they won’t be en-route then someone from the Humane Society would be.   At 1:10 Tiffany Hopkins said she would be going to the scene.  At 1:12 Officer Bob DeLee told dispatch that one of the owners was walking up on foot. At 1:16 Officer Bob DeLee asked for Officer Steve DeLee to be enroute to the location and at 1:21 Officer Bob DeLee asked for the chief or assistant chief to be enroute.  The Chief arrived at 1:25 and Steve DeLee arrived at 1:28. 

The Marshall County Humane Society was contacted at 1:34 and asked to come to the scene to assist in transportation of the dog to the vet.  It was noted that the dog was shot but breathing and the owner wanted the dog to go to 7 Oaks.  At 1:37 the humane society arrived on the scene. 

When WTCA asked if the dash camera in the police squad car was able to capture any of the incident Police Chief Dave Bacon said there was no video of it. 

Max the pit bull had surgery on Wednesday morning and is recuperating at home.  His owner Tiffany Hopkins said they removed one of the bullets, removed a couple of teeth and wired his jaw and cleaned the wounds and stitched them up.  While Max was under sedation they also neutered him.  He goes back to the vet on June 18th to get the stitches out and will have a few check-ups after that.