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Triton 3rd Graders Work on Sound Absorbation

TritonElementary_sound1Third grade students at Triton Elementary are working on their second unit of sound where they tested various types of materials such as cloth, cardboard, plastic, newspaper, and paper to determine how those materials affect the volume of sound.

The students used specially constructed boxes with sound generators to test and record data about the various materials that could be used in buildings. After testing, students applied their understanding of these materials to solve a real world problem on how to design walls for classrooms that would make noise from the hallways less bothersome.

TritonElementary_sound2Students tested the decibel levels in a model classroom with their prototypes and then reflected on their results.

Donna Burroughs, Superintendent of Triton Schools said, “ Everyone created amazing sound absorbing walls. They realized that how the materials were organized and used produced very different results than they had expected.”
TritonElementary_Sound3Photo a: Anthony Schuh, Javan May, Damon Kuntz
Photo b: Addyson Viers, Hannah Snyder, Gracelynn Hanley
Photo c: Hunter Schaetzle, Elijah Hernandez, Devin Stidams