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WSOI Biology Students Partner with M.C. Humane Society

April 4, 2014

Nancy from the Marshall County Humane Society spent Thursday in Mr. Koops’ Biology classes at the Weidner School of Inquiry inside Plymouth High School.  

The Weidner School of Inquiry will be partnering with the Humane Society to make Dichotomous Keys to help Humane workers identify the possible breed of a dog as they come into the shelter based on their physical traits and behaviors.

WSOI Biology students will also be developing Kennel Cards to place on the dogs cages that will identify the Dog’s possible breed(s) (as determined by the Key), their likes and dislikes, type of owner and home they would fit well into.

The students will also be constructing an informational brochure to explain how the powers of evolution have been manipulated by humans to create all the dog breeds we see today.  The brochure will tell what each group of breeds is used for, what homes they would be happy and healthy in, and potential problems with purebreds.  It will also explain why you should adopt a mixed breed dog.

Picture 2: The second picture is of Mr. Phil Koops, Nancy, Eugene Chipman and Kelsey Flynn. Mrs. Flynn performed a “doggy DNA test” on her parent’s dog Benji who is a MCHS rescued dog.   The students will send in his swabs to a lab that will identify his breed. 

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