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Ancilla College Announces Three New Degree Programs for Fall 2016

Ancilla College_We Believe in YouAncilla College students will now be able to acquire associate degrees in one of three new programs beginning fall 2016: sports management, hospitality and tourism and culinary arts management, bringing the total degree offerings to 21.

Ancilla College has become well-acquainted with growth.  In the past year, the school has built a new residence hall, a student life center with dining facilities and has received the green light to build a second residence hall. Fall 2015 saw the advent of an agriculture degree and the two-year college added the  new sports programs of cross country, lacrosse, tennis, bowling, wrestling and dance. These advances contributed to a 23 percent enrollment increase. Now, the private school is adding to its already impressive list of program majors. Ancilla College President Ken Zirkle said, “Students want degrees that are market-driven. They want to walk out knowing they are going to be able to get a job or easily transfer to a four-year college. That was the motive behind the push for creating new programs.”

Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism Management was selected as a new program because Indiana businesses generate more than $10 billion in revenue annually from tourism and hospitality related services. It is Indiana’s fourth largest economic sector. The employment growth rate from 2010 to 2020 has been projected at 44 percent with a wide variety of job opportunities including Food and Beverage Manager, Human Resources, Lodging Management, Travel and Tourism Management, and Casino Management. Ancilla College’s Hospitality and Tourism associate of science degree program has been designed to provide an academic curriculum where a well-rounded liberal arts education, general business knowledge, and general management principles are taught as well as providing the knowledge and fostering skills specific to hospitality, lodging, tourism and other leisure businesses.  “This program is a natural fit in this area,” stated Dr. Joanna F. Blount, VP for Academic Affairs, “with golf courses, restaurants, and the growing tourism industry to provide students a wealth of opportunities to work in the field. Ancilla will be working with local businesses to develop internships that will help students to develop skills needed to work with in this field.”

Sports Management

With 20 athletic programs in place, Ancilla is no stranger to the sports world.  It comes as no surprise for Ancilla to introduce an associate of science degree in Sports Management. Professional sports alone, brings in $14 billion in earnings each year and employs more than 456,000 people. One out of five Americans ages 6 and older is a health club consumer. From 2008 to 2013, health club consumers increased from 47.7 million to 53 million during that five-year period from 2008 to 2013. Today, there are approximately 59 million health club consumers. Every indication suggests that this part of the industry is expected to increase faster than the average at seven percent from 2012-2022. Jobs in this market include Sports Management, Coach and Athletic Director, Recreational Sports Director, Sports Marketing, Sports Information Director, and Sports Agent. Athletic director, Gene Reese, said, “Many student athletes will be excited about the opportunity to take Sports Management. These students want to stay in athletics as a career after their playing days.”

Culinary Arts

The last of Ancilla College’s new programs is an associate of applied science in culinary arts.  In developmental stages, the program will begin classes for the 2016-2017 school year and is already creating a buzz.  Excited about the program, Eric Wignall, Vice President of Enrollment Management, said, “The A.A.S in culinary arts management prepares Ancilla students for successful careers in food preparation, cooking, baking, food safety, and restaurant management. The opportunities in culinary employment are enormous.  Professional cooks work in restaurants, resorts, hotels, hospitals, and corporate headquarters. Being a chef, for many people, is the first step into building a business in food service or resort management. You’ll find chefs in private homes, aboard cruise ships, and as vendors in high-end food trucks. “

All programs are charged under the school’s flat rate pricing which is currently $14,100 for an academic year with an additional $8,500 covering room and board. The only exception to this could be the culinary major, which, due to additional material and facility charges, may cost slightly more.

Gears are turning at Ancilla, and with the upward momentum this school has seen over the last year, things can only keep getting better.