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Blueberry Queen Candidates Visit Residents at Miller’s Assisted Living

Miller's_Milan LevettTwenty-two lovely young ladies will vie for the crown of Miss Blueberry on Saturday evening, June 27th in the Argos High School Auditorium.  And while everyone is looking forward to that there is so much more that goes into getting ready for the pageant than simply putting on a long dress and walking out on stage.

The girls have been getting together first of all simply to get to know each other since they come from towns from throughout the county.  They also take this time to practice their stage presence, discuss how to answer judge’s questions, practice doing make-up and hair styles and also to have fun together.

They also take time for community service during their weeks before the pageant.  Tuesday evening they arrived at Miller’s Assisted Living with games and nail polish in hand to spend time with the residents.  The queen candidates divide into groups and spend time playing cards, board games and pool with some of the residents; while others give pedicures and manicures.  The age difference between the young ladies and the senior citizens doesn’t stop the chatter and laughter that takes place throughout the evening. 

Residents stop by the Recreation Center after their evening meal to meet the candidates and to be pampered a little bit.  And, if you think this is just for ladies, you thought wrong!  Men stop by too!  It’s become a tradition for resident Ike Huls to play Uno with a group of the young lovelies.  And several of the men stopped Tuesday to get their fingernails shaped up.

But the girls took Milan Levett at his word when he dropped in and said he wanted each fingernail painted a different color.  The girls called his bluff and started working on him.  To prove he was a man of his word, Levett posed with his group of young ladies about 15 minutes later with all ten digits sporting a different color.  The girls thought he was “pretty cool” and Milan had a fun story to tell the following day at his class reunion!


Photo Caption:  Milan Levett poses with six young ladies who will vie for Miss Blueberry.  Left to right are:  Emily Rospopo, Hannah De Mont, Lexie Meister, Shannon Stephenson, Emily Arroyo and Cassie Quissell.