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Hand Washing for Health at Triton

TritonElementary_3rd Grand Hand WashingStudents in Mrs. Cathy Strycker’s third grade classroom at Triton Elementary School have been learning about being healthy this semester.

In class students had a chance to see just how effective hand washing can be in fighting germs that can make us sick.  Students were sprinkled with glitter to represent germs, and then asked to clean their hands in ways we commonly see.

For example, we see some people do not even wash their hands, but wipe them on their pants, others give a quick rinse, and still others actually use soap and water to clean carefully.  Triton third grade students were able to see a realistic representation of how germs can remain on our hands and spread when they are not washed correctly.

Pictured are:Abby McCoy, Lucas Kaufman, Cole Shively, Rayna Dickson, Alli Barber, Lena Doll