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Marshall County Economic Development Corporation 2014 Annual Report

Thursday, the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) releases its 2014 Annual Report. This year’s report details improvements made by economic development within each community and across Marshall County.

The MCEDC is proud of the new direction it is taking, allowing the corporation to better fulfill its mission of expanding and diversifying the economy by fostering investment in new and existing facilities and creating entrepreneurial capacities. This change is represented in the 2014 Annual Report through an improved design which provides details on economic development in each city or town, as well as the county as a whole.

The report’s redesign provides a comprehensive view on economic development accomplishments shaping our economy for years to come. Some of these achievements include the establishment of the Metronet providing unlimited bandwidth capacity, now used by 17 businesses in Marshall County; shell building available for new businesses in Plymouth; designing of TIF districts and industrial parks; as well as communities developing and updating comprehensive plans. Many of these successes are discussed and monitored at “County Development for the Future” meetings, a quarterly development round table that brings local leadership together to address community priorities, seek solutions on issues, and learn from each other.

The mid-year release is timely. Local communities are currently evaluating and preparing upcoming budgets and the report’s release will guide decision making by providing the most complete assessment of what is occurring in the county. With the timing of this report, the MCEDC remains an influential organization to the business community and Marshall County as a whole. The report embraces regionalism, a MCEDC guiding principle, as a means to improving the local economic landscape. By bringing communities together under a common vision, the MCEDC aims to identify shared priorities, issues, and solutions. The MCEDC fosters partnerships and leverages collaboration between communities across Marshall County and based on the idea that “what is good for one community has a benefit for other communities.”

For more information on the annual report, please contact Jerry Chavez, Executive Director, at (574) 935- 8499.