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Triton 3rd Graders are Rock Hounds

Triton_Rocks_1Third Graders at Triton Elementary have been looking at rock and mineral samples to see if they can identify them.

Triton_Rocks_2Students are observing each sample to check the luster, cleave, color, streak, and hardness.  Students have tools such as a penny, nail, and Moh’s Scale to test hardness, a white tiles to test streak, vinegar to test reaction, and a magnifying glass to make other observations.

triton_rocks_3As students test their samples they are recording their findings.  Soon they will be able to put these samples in categories such as igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic because we will understand how each of these types are alike and different.


Photo 1: Alli, Lena, Hannah

Photo 2: Camron, Javan, Elijah, Cole

Photo 3: Angelica