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Triton 3rd Graders in Action

Superintendent of Triton Community Schools, Donna Burroughs is pleased with the various subjects elementary students are studying.

TritonElementary_fossil1Students in third grade at Triton Elementary School have been learning about fossils.  You know, those amazing “leftovers” from the past that can tell us so many things about what once lived in a particular area.

TritonElementary_fossil2Finding dinosaur bones can help us discover if the animal was a meat or plant eater, or if it was a strong fighter, light flyer, or even if it had potential to be a great thinker!  Uncovering shells, plants, or insect remains from long ago can tell us what the environment may have been like, or even if there was much life there at all.  Even the kind of fossil you discover can be interesting, since you could find an imprint, mold, or cast!  Learning from our past is a lot of fun and it is even better when we make our own modern day fossils.

Picture 1: Zak and Javan

Picture 2:  Addyson, Zak, Damon, Gracelynn, Brendan


TritonElementary_3rd grade writers_1Third graders at Triton have been working for over a month at learning how to do research and write an informative story from what we have discovered.  Students were planning a trip to the Shrine Circus, so they were already reading about the circus.  They then had the opportunity to select a circus that they wanted to learn more about.  They created folders with envelopes that could hold notes about each topic as we learned about them.  They practiced note taking, organizing, adding details and transition words between ideas and paragraphs to create a working rough draft report.

TritonELementary_3rd grade writers_2Students helped each other by reading their work to each other and gathering feedback about what made sense or needed more work.  The final step was using Microsoft Word to type and publish their stories.  Stories will be available to read on the bulletin board outside of our room soon!

Picture 1: Karmen & Addyson

Picture 2: Angelica & Alli