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Triton High School Warns Students of their Digital Footprint in light of PHS Sexting Incident

SextingDue to the alleged “sexting” incident at Plymouth High School last week Triton High School sent a message out to all of their students Monday morning.

The message follows:

“I would like to point out to everyone the situation that occurred at Plymouth High School last week. Some students at Plymouth High School are learning about the dangers of “sexting” first hand after explicit photos of students were circulated through the student body via text message. In the State of Indiana, individuals can be prosecuted if they are caught sending or receiving sexually explicit images of a minor, regardless of age. This can and usually does result in suspensions and possible expulsions along with the criminal charges. I can’t stress enough how terribly wrong and inappropriate it is to send any kind of explicit pictures to anyone (even someone you think surely wouldn’t send it on to anyone else). There are many students who are going to be affected by this incident as well as parents of those involved. Be smart in the use of your social media.”

Triton Schools have a digital citizenship program that teaches their students the importance of making sure their “digital footprint” is a positive one on social media.

Future employers will “Google” the names of people they’re considering for employment. These explicit photos will pop up during that search the entire lifetime of these students. That’s a very unfortunate consequence of a teenage impulsive act. This is another example of how tools designed for “good” can be used in ways that produce “bad.”

Triton High School asked parents to use this incident as an opportunity to have a talk with their child if they have a cell phone or constant access to a computer.