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Donnelly Calls on President Trump to Veto Resolution Undermining Consumers’ Online Privacy

March 31, 2017

donnelly_senatorWashington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly and many colleagues Thursday called on President Trump to veto S.J.Res. 34, a resolution which recently passed Congress and would allow internet service providers to sell consumers’ personal information without the users’ knowledge. Donnelly voted against the resolution in the Senate.

In the letter, Donnelly and his colleagues said, in part, “This legislation will seriously undermine the privacy protections of the overwhelming majority of Americans who believe that their private information should be just that – private – and not for sale without their knowledge…

“…The data protected under the rule includes information such as one’s social security number, email contents, web browsing history, precise geo-location, application usage, data about consumer’s health and finances, and even data about their children. In deeming this sort of information as sensitive, and requiring explicit opt-in consent before it can be shared, the FCC sent a clear message that the choice should be in the hands of consumers…

“…Consumers deserve the right to make their own decisions about access, use, and sale of their personal, sensitive internet data by their broadband provider.”

A copy of the letter can be found here.