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Drainage Board Approved Variances for Easement

July 17, 2017

Local NewsIt was a quick 14 minute meeting Monday morning for the Marshall County Drainage Board.

The first order of business was a variance request by the River Gate South multi-family project on the Yellow River at South Michigan Street in downtown Plymouth.

Permission was granted to connect to the county’s drain, the Yellow River, with a 15 inch pipe and discharge storm water from the development into the drain during larger rain events.

The second request for a variance was by Eddie Miller at 4284 Cedar Road.  Currently one of the out buildings on the Miller property sits 9 feet into the county’s drainage easement.  Mr. Miller wants to build another building but it would need to sit up to 25 feet into the drainage easement for the Feldman Arm of the Gail-Unsicker.

County Surveyor Craig Cultice said the shallow open ditch along Cedar Road is only about 2 feet deep.

The drainage board unanimously approved the easement variance to reduce the county’s easement from 75 feet to 50 feet.

Cultice also gave a brief update on the Winn – Collins mutual drain to the Kline ditch in Union Township.  He said the path was cleared of brush last week and the plan is to start laying solid tile later this week.  Cultice said, “Everyone involved is happy and the project is progressing good.”