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Federal Grand Jury Indicts Peter Rink on Marshall County Case

October 13, 2017

    MugShot_Peter Rink      Marshall County Prosecutor Nelson Chipman announced Thursday a federal grand jury convened in South Bend handed down an indictment in two counts against Peter Rink, also known as Peter Myers.  Count I of the federal indictment is possession of one or more firearms in and affecting interstate commerce after previously being convicted of a felony; and Count II is possession of a Remington 870, 12-guage shotgun with a barrel of less than 18 inches.  The Prosecutor’s Office had previously filed charges on August 31, 2017 against Rink in three counts:  Dealing Methamphetamine; Carrying a Handgun without a License; and, Assisting a Criminal.


The allegations against Rink begin on August 29, when Marshall County Police Officer Les McFarland observed a female wanted on two active arrest warrants as a passenger in a vehicle getting fuel at the Pilot Truck Stop on US 30 and King Road.  The vehicle drove away from the truck stop and McFarland effectuated a traffic stop.  The driver of the vehicle identified himself as Peter Rink.  The female identified herself as someone other than the wanted individual and Rink supported her in that assertion.  It was soon determined the female was not being truthful and Rink later confirmed the female was the wanted individual.


As the investigation continued methamphetamine was discovered, along with a handgun and a sawed off shotgun.  Also found were hypodermic syringes already loaded with a substance and ready for use.  It was also discovered that Rink’s prior name was Peter Meyers, and he had previously served time in an Arizona prison for Aggravated Assault and Misconduct involving a Weapon.


Officer McFarland contacted a Special Agent from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms who then traveled to the Marshall County Jail to interview Rink and the female passenger.  Later the Special Agent spoke with Chipman about the possibility of transferring the case to federal jurisdiction.  Chipman then spoke with Assistant United States Attorney Luke Reilander from the South Bend division of the Office of the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana.  Chipman and Reilander coordinated their respective efforts that have now resulted in the return of the federal indictments against Rink, also known as Peter Myers.


“My primary concern is to make certain Peter Rink, or Peter Myers, or whatever his name is, was held accountable for the conduct committed here in Marshall County.  The evidence we relied upon to support the dealing meth charge was primarily the interview of the female passenger, so that count was going to be a challenge anyway.  The federal agents have assured me that Mr. Rink now faces a sentence if convicted of somewhere between 57 months to possibly as much as 115 months in federal prison.  That persuaded me to cooperate with the federal authorities.”


The next step is for an agent from the ATF to take federal custody of Rink.  Once he is securely within the federal jurisdiction, Chipman will then dismiss the Marshall County case.

Readers are reminded that criminal charges are mere allegations and that the person so charged is presumed innocent of the allegations unless or until proven guilty in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt.