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Hummel bringing camp to The Zone

June 24, 2017

Robbie Hummel photo copyPLYMOUTH – Former Valparaiso High School and Purdue Boilermaker great Robbie Hummel seems to like summertime in Plymouth.

Once again this year Hummel will pass on some basketball knowledge and help local players hone their skills with his camp that will be held at The Zone for grades K through 9 starting June 26 and 27.

Hummel grew up playing in northern Indiana and balances his pro career with spending his summers giving back to the game he learned to love in much the same way.

“I remember summers as a kid growing up going to the camps they’d have at Valparaiso High School and at Valparaiso University, hanging out with the older players, working with them,” said Hummel. “That was just a really fun time and hanging out with those guys as a kid is something that you never forget. That was such a great experience for me and it’s something that I think all kids should have a chance to do.”

Hummel’s camps focus on the things that he learned as a young player – fundamentals, skill development along with individual instruction.

“Just going to a camp isn’t going to automatically make you a great player,” said Hummel. “I do think that there are some things that you can pick up at a camp that can help you become a great player. Some drill work, some fundamentals, the kinds of things that you can take away and work on the rest of the season. I think that being around other guys helps you too. Like the older guys that I learned from when I was younger, the other guys your own age, you get to see the kinds of things that they’re doing and take that away to hone your own skills and become a better player.”

Hummel has been fortunate to have the talent to have an outstanding high school and college career and make it to professional ball, but he says it’s the things he learned as a young player, that made the difference and those are the things he tries to pass on.

“We’re going to do a lot of fundamental and skill work,” he said. “Dribbling, passing, shooting, the very simple concepts that are the basis of everything that you do. You can learn a lot in competition and scrimmage setting and we’ll play some games but we want to spend time individually and in drill work and teach those fundamental things that you use in a game. We aren’t going to jump right into heavy stuff, we want to know that the kids are ready for it. We’ll move at a pace that’s right for them.”

He also hasn’t forgotten the thing that made him fall in love with the game in the first place.

“Bottom line, beyond anything we want the kids to have fun,” said Hummel. “Of course we want them to learn but you have to have fun. That’s why you do it.”

The reason Hummel does it is the same.

“I love being with the kids. I have a lot of fun with them, the kids of all ages,” he said. “The little kids can be hilarious because sometimes the balls start flying around in weird directions and they just have all that energy and they yell something funny and run after it. I like the older kids because they’re a little more skilled and what you say sinks in a little more and helping them get better is a lot of fun.”

He said, “It’d be hard to choose any group I like better. I really love working with them all.”

You can sign up for Hummel’s camp online at Email Doug Griffiths at or call 574-210-3880. You can also register at the door the day of the camp but t-shirts are not guaranteed with late sign up.