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PCSC New Health Care System for Students and Parents

July 30, 2017

Plymouth Community Schools

This school year Plymouth Community School Corporation is adopting a new tool for nurses to keep parents notified when their child visits the nurse’s office. The new system is called CareDox. The system also allows parents to provide the school corporation with accurate student medical information.  Parents should have been notified about CareDox via email in July.

The benefits of using CareDox include:

•     Real-time notifications when your student visits the nurse’s office.

•     Email notification when medication refills are needed.

•     Accurate and portable vital information for daily and emergency use.

•     Parents fill out their student’s health profile once and can update any changes necessary at the beginning of each school year, ensuring it is always up-to-date.


If a Plymouth Community School Corporation family does not have access to the Internet and needs to contact the nurse at their student’s school they are advised to call the corporation’s administrative office at (574) 936-3115.


Plymouth High School

Krysta Magee

PH:   (574) 936-2178

FAX: (574) 936-4276


Lincoln Jr. High

Leah Puckett

PH:   (574) 936-3113

FAX: (574) 936-3574


Riverside Intermediate

Audrey Downey

PH:   (574) 936-3787

FAX: (574) 936-8475

Jefferson Elementary

*Teresa Leichty RN, JEF, School Nurse, effective 05-01-17

PH:   (574) 936-2443

FAX: (574) 936-3532


Menominee Elementary

*Karen Lehiy RN, effective 08-01-17

PH:   (574) 936-2001

FAX: (574) 936-2938


Washington Discovery

Mary Eiler

PH:   (574) 936-4072

FAX: (574) 936-4073


Webster Elementary

Susan Jeffirs Wright

PH:   (574) 936-2520

FAX: (574) 935-4976