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County Highway Begins Summer Painting

August 26, 2018

County Highway_painting_1The Marshall County Highway Department is starting their painting projects for the season.

Jason Peters, Supervisor of the Highway Department said crews will be working, spraying the white fog line and yellow center lines on many county road.  Annually they will paint 60 miles give-or-take.

County Highway_painting_2One gallon of white paint is $9.61 while the yellow paint is $9.67 a gallon. It takes about 55 gallons of paint to do about 3.3 miles. Glass beads are mixed into the paint to make it reflective.  It takes about 6 pounds of glass beads to pain one mile and the beads cost $.53 per pound.

County Highway_Painting_3Peters said he budgets about $40,000 each year for painting.

One Response to “ County Highway Begins Summer Painting ”

  1. ajsbait on August 27, 2018 at 10:50 am

    While you’re painting, The stripes need to be put back on on 12th rd at myers lake. They have been gone since you chip and sealed about 15 years ago. There are a lot of curves and hills there and people drive like idiots.