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City Council Approves 2019 Salary Ordinance with Amendment and 2% Raise

August 28, 2018

Plymouth Color Logo2014Members of the Plymouth City Council approved the ordinance to set salaries for 2019 during their meeting Monday evening after making an amendment to it.

The City Aviation Department wanted to make a significant change to the personnel section of their budget.  Bill Sheley Airport Manger told the council he would like to move his current employee from a semi-skilled laborer to an assistant manager.  The proposed salary would be $20 per hour, an increase from the $18.55 for the laborer position.

Councilman Gary Cook asked to amend the ordinance to have the laborer position removed and only have a manager and assistant manager.  Councilman Jeff Houin recommended leaving the laborer position and just not fund it in 2019.  That way, if the airport was to grow and another position was needed they could use the laborer position and fund it.

After some discussion the City Council unanimously approved the 2019 Salary Ordinance on 2nd and 3rd reading with the amendment,  Next year’s salary ordinance does include a 2% across the board salary increase.