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City Board of Public Works and Safety Approves Credit for Excessive Waste Water Bill

August 28, 2018

City NEwsThe Plymouth Common Council approved the recommendation of Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson to credit Elisa Holstein’s waste water account after determining the large amount of water from a burst pipe didn’t go through the waste water treatment system.

Monday evening Davidson said the Holsteins live at 217 Gilmore Street and their home was heavily impacted by the February flood.  He said, “While this deviates from our general policy which allows me to review water leaks and issue a credit based upon confirmation that the water didn’t go down the drain.  Consequently it gives them a one-time shot of receiving a credit.”

At the last city meeting, August 13th the family asked to be able to make payments on their current balance of $1,098.74 and asked for a credit on their waste water bill.

Davidson explained to the board, “This is an exception.  This isn’t something we want to do all the time but due to the circumstances we did.”  He said they did go in and investigate the issue and said, “The home was basically destroyed, floor joists were removed, the plumbing and everything was destroyed.  The utility superintendent believes in this case the credit is warranted.

The Board of Public Works and Safety approved a credit of $381.96 and waived the late fees of $82.35 bringing their total credit to $464.31 and leaving the Holstein family a new balance of $634.43.  That balance will be paid-off over a one year period of $53 monthly until the final month when the amount will be $51.43.  This is along with their monthly bill once they are able to move back into their home.

Davidson also expressed thanks for the assistance of the Clerk’s Office in calculating the credit.