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Board of Works Denies Request to Limit Parking on Crimson Lane

August 29, 2018

Crimson Lane_2Members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety continued their discussion of the request to have no parking on the south side of Crimson Lane Monday evening.

Initially Joan Walters brought the request to the August 13th meeting noting that with parking on both sides of the residential street causes issues for the school bus, garbage truck and emergency vehicles.

Before taking any action the Board of Public Works asked the Street Superintendent to contact the six other property owners on Crimson Lane and notify them of the proposal and discussion for Monday evening.

Crimson Lane_1Frances Kent and neighbor on the north side of Crimson Lane was opposed to the request and said it was rare having parking on both sides.  She told the board the street is 22 feet wide and even with parking on both sides there would be room for a larger vehicle to pass.  Kent was concerned that pushing all on-street parking to the north side would affect her mail delivery, make it harder to mow and make it more difficult for the city to plow the street.

Jesse Morales, another resident of Crimson Lane spoke against the idea of restricting parking and so did City Councilman Gary Cook who happens to live on the opposite end of the street.  Both said parking isn’t much of an issue.

The Board of Public Works and Safety denied the request by a unanimous decision.