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Community Corrections Granted Approval and Additional for Interim Pre-Trial Quality Assurance Coordinator

October 11, 2018

County News # 1The Marshall County Community Corrections Program, under the direction of Ward Byers will hire an interim Pre-Trial Quality Assurance Coordinator to train with the existing coordinator who is leaving in December.

On Monday, Byers told member of the County Council he needs an additional appropriation and a temporary change to the salary ordinance because his current employee is leaving and he would like to hire a replacement and give them the opportunity to train side by side with the current employee for a month.  The temporary position would be paid for out of the project income fund since it is the training period.

Once the 30 days of training is complete the new employee’s salary would be paid for out of the state grant.

The additional appropriation for the temporary interim position is for $3,000.   Byers said the $3000 takes into consideration the 90% pay for 90 days and covers all benefits.

The County Council unanimously passed motions to approve the temporary interim coordinator position and approved the salary amendment with a pay range of $20.16 an hour up to $24.40 a hour.