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Superintendents Discuss Initial ISTEP+ Test Scores for Triton and Plymouth

October 11, 2018

ISTEPThe ISTEP+ testing scores from the 2017-2018 school year are being released. The first scores available to the public are the overall scores for the school corporations.

The Triton School Corporation experienced a slight gain for students in grades 3-8 over the previous year. Of the 420 students taking the English Language Arts (ELA) test, 311 passed or 74 percent. The scores in math for the 421 students taking the test had 289 passing or 68.6 percent. The percentage of students passing both tests was 60.7 percent.

Triton Superintendent, Jeremy Riffle, said, “We continue to look at differentiated instruction and testing data.” He said much of the key of their success is additional interventions for students who need extra help in certain areas.”

Riffle explained his appreciation to the volunteers who meet with students in the Kids Hope USA Program he said there are 30 volunteers who meet 1-1 with a student for one hour each week. “This community support is invaluable.”

Riffle said they hold high expectations for both students and staff to help students every day.

Plymouth Schools tested 1607 students and 1036 or 64.5 percent passed the ELA test. Of the 1607 testing in math, 891 passed with a percentage of 55.4.    There were 778 of 1604 students who passed both sections at 48.5 percent.

Plymouth Schools Superintendent, Andy Hartley, said, “Our primary objective is that all students achieve at high levels. We look to measure this through several different avenues, one of which includes standardized tests.” “While we would like to see higher scores on this one test and are working toward ensuring that what we do on a daily basis with students will eventually be reflected on this measurement, there are many other successes and accolades of which we are proud.” He said.

He added, “While we will continue to make sure that students’ learning needs are being met and are working to improve on a daily basis, it is important to note that this test does not define who we are nor does it encompass the many achievements that we have and will continue to accomplish as a school system.”

Hartley said, “We have exceptional students, teachers, administrators and a wonderful community that has so many unique qualities and gifts.”