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City Helps Phi Delts Find Water Leak Causing High Water Bills

Phi DeltaPlymouth’s Utility Superintendent, Donnie Davidson told the Board of Public Works and Safety they were able to assist the Phi Delta Fraternity on West Harrison Street with an extremely large water bill.   In February the club received a $750 water bill.

City employees went to the building and suspected a toilet was running.  While they didn’t find an immediate leak they continued to work on the issue.  The meter was tested and was found to be accurate so the search continued.

During last week’s meeting Davidson said the high water usage was pinned down after they placed a monitor on the meter to monitor the water flowing through the meter on a 24 hour basis.  The city discovered there was water flowing through the meter when the facility was not occupied.

The Phi Delts decided to replace the toilets in the building in August and that project determined several toilets were leaking.

Davidson said there has been a significant decrease in the usage.  The January bill had 1,123 units and the 8 units in August and 4 units in September.  A unit is equal to 100 gallons.

Davidson said, “It’s kind of surprising the amount of water that you can lose when a toilet is running constantly.”

Mayor Mark Senter said, “We appreciate you working with them.”