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Highway Supervisor Suggests Veterans Parkway Extension for Next Call-Out

November 7, 2018

County News # 1Supervisor of the Marshall County Highway Department, Jason Peters told the County Commissioners that there is a call-out for projects.

He said during the last call-out the submitted bridge 87 and 120 along with the extension of Veterans Parkway.  The two bridges were funded but the road extension.  Peters said he would like to only submit Veterans Parkway for this call.

Commissioner Kurt Garner asked if there was any feedback from the state as to why there was no funding the Veterans and Peters said he felt that the funding the state had available wasn’t enough for the project.  He noted that this call-out is for projects that would start construction in 2024.

The Highway Supervisor said it’s possible with the US 30 project that roadway intersection may be shutoff and having Veterans going further to the west would be beneficial.  He also said the roadway extension has already been on the books for many years.  Peters said the project may need to be done in phased with the section from North Michigan Road to Oak Road being done first and then from Oak Road to Pioneer in the second phase.

Commissioner Garner warned that this project could become a real drain on the county’s resources that they are trying to put into the road program.

No decision was made on what project to submit for the call-out.