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Plymouth School Corp. Reviewing Safety of Bus Routes Following Fulton County Tragedy

November 8, 2018

school-bus-fleetAs with many other school corporations in the area, the Plymouth Schools are reviewing all of their bus routes to help ensure the safety of their students. Referring to the recent lost lives of three children who were approaching a school bus, Superintendent Andy Hartley said, “We continue to keep the families and entire Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation in our thoughts and prayers.” He added, “After the unfortunate tragedy last week, we are again evaluating our stops and have already made changes.”

“The safety and security of our students is our highest priority, and we are continually evaluating our systems through that lens, including our bus transportation.” He said.” We have in the past changed routes, especially those with stops along SR 17, to ensure to the safest degree possible, students are able to enter and exit the bus safely.”

Following an inquiry as to why a student was crossing Jefferson Street made to WTCA by one of their listeners and subsequent notification by the radio staff to the schools, the administrators took immediate action. The altered stop now allows the bus to enter a parking lot nearby to pick up that student.

Hartley indicated that students move in and out of housing during the school year making it imperative to make continued adjustments.

Local residents with questions concerning bus related safety issues are asked to contact Plymouth Schools.

Carol Anders Correspondent