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Society of Broken Souls to Bring Their Unique Music To Wild Rose Moon Oct. 26th & 27th

WRM_Society of Broken SoulsLike alchemists of old, Lauryn Shapter and Dennis James of Society of Broken Souls will work to invite you into their noir-toned and mood-driven musical compositions as they make landfall in Plymouth, Indiana, Friday, October 26th, at 8 p.m., for a concert at Wild Rose Moon.  With original songs consisting of ideas from country rock, musical theater, gypsy jazz, and roots music, this Iowa-based couple will share their plaintive and discerning ballads of love, loss, and hope in Plymouth’s downtown listening room.  Featuring instrumentation by violin, guitar, drums, piano, and bass, their songs have been described as “ moving like a Western locomotive through cinematic landscape, harking back to concept albums of the 60’s and 70’s”.   Here’s what Lauryn and Dennis have to say about themselves:

“There is a growing propensity in our culture to show ever more curated versions of ourselves, where everything is photo-shop perfect and everyone is living the dream,” Shapter explains. “But that’s just not real life and it only seems to leave people feeling more isolated. We got tired of the lack of authenticity we saw around us and decided to shine some light on the broken bits, but still have fun while we were doing it.”

At root, the music of Society of Broken Souls is entrancing and mystifying –it’s no ordinary experience, and has to be sifted to be appreciated.  If you’re intrigued,  you can pick up tickets at ASK for Flowers in Historic Downtown Plymouth or purchase them online at  Or, you can pick them up at the door for a few dollars more.  If you miss them on Friday night, you can catch them Saturday morning at 11 am, October 27th, for the Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour—a fun, theatrical show, with host, musical director, announcer,  theme song, game show, and songs by Dennis and Lauryn.